Service Pricing and Payments

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WARNING: Never send card numbers via email. Email is extremely insecure, and in my case, I can't process them anyhow. All card processing is done through Paypal. Further, there are a flood of fraudulent emails pretending to be from a number of banks as well as PayPal --- make sure you really are connected securely to before submitting any account information of any kind to them.

Agora's fee structure is shown in the order form below, and you can get a discount for paying for a full year at once:

    1 year   = 11 * monthly rate
The discount is implemented as free months when the payments are processed on agora, so if you select more than 11 months at a time, the PayPal shopping cart will be adjusted so you only pay for the right amount.

If you don't want to pay online here, below the order form are instructions for paying by check or through your bank's payment service.

Subscribing through this payment form is the recommended payment method, though submitting an individual payment here is fully automatic. Subscriptions are under your control, and you can manage them by logging into your PayPal account on their web site.

Note that while this form is not secure, the shopping cart itself is, and you can (and should) verify that you're on a secure page before entering any confidential information.

RainDrop Laboratories Online Payment Form

Dialup Services
Level Description  
Email-only ("email"): email only, via IMAP over the Internet
Due to the cost of spam filtering, this is now really a Wader account
$5/month # months: RainDrop account name:
Shell ("wader"): full shell access, includes 1 matching email account and personal web space (<username>) $5/month # months: RainDrop account name:
Web Hosting Services (basic services, see Services web page for more info)
Domain Registration: Annual $15   Domain name: Annual
Virtual Server: up to 5MB/hour avg peak $10/month # months: Server name:

If you want to pay for something that doesn't map into the order form nicely, you can go directly to PayPal and make an arbitrary payment to They have a comment box where you can enter the necessary account information as described below --- be sure to completely explain your intentions so I can properly apply the payment.

As mentioned above, the recommended method of payment is to subscribe through PayPal. Another good option is to setup automatic payments through Checkfree ( or your bank's local online bill payment system. Checks should be made out to "RainDrop Laboratories", and not to me personally. Also, be sure to note your account name on the check in the memo area and how the money is to be allocated. If you're using an online system and they don't have a comment area, put this info in the Account field (leave out the '$'s as it probably won't take them anyway).

The following is an example of how the account information might be noted:

    User Joe Blow (jblow) wants to pay one month of Wader
    level service, and increase his disk quota by one MB, so
    he sends $6 marked:

	jblow wader 5 1meg 1

It helps a LOT if the amounts actually divide evenly and add up to the total --- you'd be surprised how often they don't...

Making out the checks this way makes processing the checks *much* easier.

Checks should be sent to:

    RainDrop Laboratories
    3600 SW Par Place
    Corvallis, OR  97333

and they will be processed as soon as possible.

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