RainDrop T-shirt Orders

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Order your very own RainDrop Laboratories t-shirt for only $10 each here! There are 2-L, 5-XL and 5-XXL currently available, and if there are orders for 10 others, I'll have more made up.

Click on the "Add to Cart" button by the sizes you want, then adjust the quantities in the shopping cart window that pops up. You can select other sizes after the first choice and the pop-up window will update, then click on Checkout to do so (yeah, that means you need both Javascript and pop-up windows enabled --- sorry about that).

I use PayPal for payment processing and the shopping cart, but you don't have to be a PayPal member to use this, it will ask for address and credit card info if you're not. They'll create you an account sortof, which is a little evil but they're the best game in town at the moment, so until something better comes along...

Unless you know me personally and see you regularly, be sure to add one unit of shipping ($5) or your order will be held up while that's resolved...

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