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I've installed a new system in Corvallis (CW5709), but am still getting it set up. For now, for Portland weather, I'm afraid you'll need to select another station at Sorry...

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About This Software

The weather data displayed on this page is gathered from a Davis Weather Wizard III.            

You are welcome to use the software to set up your own weather station web page, though the package is a bit on the primitive side... Latest versions:

January 26, 2005
Print out more info on connection failure.
Print out warning about not connecting when in debug mode, to prevent tearing hair out trying to figure out why data's not getting reported when you think it should be.
October 17, 2004:
add state file to track timestamp of data reported and not resend duplicate reports if data logging stops for some reason
October 9, 2004:
fix bug in lat/long in last version causing invalid data reports
October 8, 2004:
improve logfile reading in CWOP utility
improve rainfall calculation for CWOP --- it wasn't quite finding the previous day boundary correctly
October 7, 2004:
add support for reporting to CWOP and Weather Underground
publish version that does the rain graph for the last week.

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