[Caevlist] Saturday AM DaVinci Days

Deb Hollenback debhollenback at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 20 08:06:32 PDT 2013


To whomever may showing an EV at DaVinci Days today - drive up through the pedestrian path off 14th Street into Greentown - you will see Michael's MiEV and my yellow Karmen Ghia already there.  It was windy last night, so I put the table and handouts into the passenger side of the Ghia.  I left the door open so feel free to take the table out and set it up.  Also feel free to open up the Ghia bonnet and motor compartment for viewing.  I had a great time last evening chatting with attendees about EVs!  I'll try to pop in some time today.

Have Fun!
Debbie Hollenback
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