[Caevlist] EV Club Gathering Tuesday 3/5/13

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>> If anyone has anything else interesting to bring or request, please share.

Wes and I will be bringing our converted 1971 Yamaha motorcycle.

John & Wes Atwood

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Thanks for the reminder Gary, Looking forward to seeing your new EV! 
Sounds like you got a Tesla!

Head's up, the EV club gathering is this week:

This meeting will be 7pm on Tuesday 3/5/2013. Location for this
month is still Otmar's shop at 2255 SE Crystal Lake Dr, 97333. It's 
the big red garage behind the abandoned looking house. The entrance 
has solar lights
around the "car eating ditch" at the road, hopefully that will help
everyone get out safely after dark.

If you bring your EV please park inside the shop if there is room for 
show and tell. Plenty of overflow parking for the non-electric 
vehicles is available
in the main driveway and the next two driveways to the south which
have no residents.

Charging is available: 115V, 14-50's and J1772 at 32A. Also a 100A
tap for anyone who wants to charge really fast but you have to bring
your own socket.

If you are new to the meeting and don't yet have a name tag, please
pmail Otmar (me) in advance, once I get enough for a sheet I print them up.

If I get around to it, I may have the motors out of my 914 to look 
for the internal ground fault.

If anyone has anything else interesting to bring or request, please share.
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