[Caevlist] Corvallis EV club gathering is on for tomorrow, March 4 @ 7PM

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Tue Mar 4 16:16:05 PST 2014

Sorry for the late notice, there was a list blockage from outside my
network that will be fixed shortly.  Here's the notice Kirk sent out

Hi Folks,

The Corvallis EV club gathering is on for tomorrow, March 3 at 7PM, at
Otmar's shop.

Newcomers & friends are welcome.

Meeting Location:
Otmar's shop is at 2255 SE Crystal Lake Dr, 97333. It's the big red garage
behind the abandoned looking house. If you bring your EV, please park inside
the shop if there is room for show and tell. Plenty of overflow parking for
the non-electric vehicles is available in the main driveway and the next two
driveways to the south which have no residents.  Charging is available:
115V, 14-50's and J1772 at 32A. Also a 100A tap for anyone who wants to
charge really fast but you have to bring your own socket.

If anyone has something interesting to bring or request, please reply to the
list and share.

Kirk Swaney
P 541.760.1895  -  F 815.550.1168

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