[Caevlist] New Mitsubishi iMiev's for $6000?

Michael Everett michaeleve at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 18 16:26:45 PST 2015

There were a couple people on the list that wantedto know when the iMiev electric cars next went on 'fire sale'I don't know who specifically so I'm Spamming the list.No., I don't make anything off of this. Informational only. YMMV.
Mitsubishi USA is headquartered in Normal Illinois.O'Brien Mitsubishi is in Normal Illinois.Maybe this is a coincidence, but they tend to have the best close-out deals.
Last I checked at    http://www.cars.com[Search: New, Mitsubishi, iMiev,, under $15,000, 'Any' miles from your zip code]there were 6 units at $12,900 and 4 at around $14,000As far as I know the $7500 tax credit is still operable.Shipping here is $1200-1400 depending on how fast you want it.Assuming you qualify for the full tax credit that puts you between $5600-6K all in.
How Good is it?Well, mine's been fine for the last three years and the three othersin the area haven't experienced any significant problems.Round trips: Monroe or Lebanon or Albany and back, no problem.Eugene or Salem need charging on the other end.(has ChaDeMo fast charging). Hauls 3-4 people and groceriesaround just fine. Heater is kinda lame.
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