[Caevlist] Dec 1st, EV enthusiast gathering, 7PM

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Sun Nov 29 16:39:31 PST 2015

Hi folks, typical routine for this week's meeting:
Newcomers & friends are always welcome. Decembers EV club gathering is at Otmar's shop:2255 SE Crystal Lake Dr, 97333. It's the big red garage behind the abandoned looking house.

Reply to all and describe if you’re bringing something interesting or have any special project help requests.
If you have an unusual EV, please park inside the shop if there is room for show and tell.

Plenty of overflow parking for the non-electric vehicles is available in the main driveway and the next two driveways to the south which have no residents.

Charging is available: 115V, 14-50's and J1772 at 32A. Also a 100A tap for anyone who wants to charge faster, but you have to bring your own socket.
----For anyone interested, I'm bringing a new tool for testing cells & we can demo & learn together. It's called an iCharger 4010 Duo. It is popular with the big Radio Control Helicopter battery pack users,  for rapid charging & discharging (while measuring) of one to ten cells in series. Handles popular Lithium and other chemistries. 40Amp charge & discharge capability. So far, I've only discharged a 100Ah LiFePO4 cell at 40A to measure its capacity.---We'll also have a special demo fire, by igniting a small Lipo pack. This pack is the size of a small candybar. I've seen this on YouTube, but that's never the same as first hand. Not sure if we'll start it by piercing, shorting or other means. The point is to have a little fun observing thermal runnaway. Something we never want to experience in a car. Bring a marshmellow (kidding). We'll measure the temp with IR and video the mini melt down.
Kirk Swaney
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