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Agreed, Alan. 

Indeed... Tesla will not be offering a chassis product until the GigaFactory is more than all caught up with production for Tesla products: 
Model 3, 
Model X, 
Model S, 
Roadster 3.0 upgrade, 
Powerwall (consumer), 
Powerpack (industrial/commercial) 
and the rumored Model Y. 

Still hoping for Tesla to offer a mainstream mini-van (Model X is NOT it), a pickup truck and a cargo van. 

This doesn't even factor in the possibility of other OEM's buying GigaFactory-produced EV batteries. 


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On 4/1/16 12:53 PM, Robert Williams wrote: 
> And it's awesome. 
> http://jalopnik.com/why-tesla-needs-to-sell-the-model-3-without-a-body-1767589269 

Love that idea, and it certainly fits with Musk's intention of jump 
starting the electric car industry... except he can't keep up with the 
orders as it is... 

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