[Caevlist] Model ≣ or 3 or maybe ∈ ?

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Fri Apr 1 18:03:55 PDT 2016

On 4/1/16 5:20 PM, Otmar Ebenhoech wrote:
> I need a “Tesla” font now. :-)


> Who managed to order a Tesla Model 3? 
> Looks to me like a super nice car, I’d be tempted myself but now that I waited I’m guessing it will take a couple extra years before new orders would be filled. 

It's nicer looking than I was expecting (I'm not much of a fan of a
standard sedan style like the S), but in the video, it looks like the
only dash display is the center panel, which will be really annoying if
true.  I like the key driving information right in front of me and
dislike the center display styles, and this would be even worse.

I know of several, well, that got reservations, orders won't be for a
couple of years ;-)


Alan Dennis

John (who works in another office in the same building - one of his
co-workers has an S and made use of one of those reservations
apparently; currently a Leaf driver)

Patrick (OEVA in Portland) - he went in at 1:30pm and had no line to
deal with, it will be interesting to see what impact waiting will have
on his delivery time

Donovan (co-worker, ordered his online today, likewise on delivery time)

A friend in Seattle

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