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It looks like this pack and another in WA have been sold. Can't tell what the final prices were. eBay doesn't disclose best offer final prices anymore. I've noticed they have become quite popular for motorcycle conversions. The way the cells bolt together, their voltage, and their size fit conveniently in many stock motorcycle frames with 72-96V, 10-12 cell set-ups. I wonder what the future availability will be like for conversions. 


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Thanks for the heads up! 
It does sound a bit high to me. 
If you are up for the hassle, I think you may be able to get a whole wrecked Leaf for that much. 
Last I heard packs are worth about $3K 

I think a good part of the value lies in taking them apart and marketing the cells. Plus the hindrance of being qualified to ship dangerous goods. 

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B & R Auto Wrecking in Albany has a Leaf pack for sale on eBay. The asking price works out to ~$83 per cell (~$4000/ 48). Compare to $110 to $125 per cell asking at places like Hybrid Auto Center in Nevada. Anybody interested? 


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