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Hey there Kirk,
I would think a standard USB->serial would work just fine.   Did you try it?   I think USB/VCP "bridge" is just a fancy term for 
USB->serial converter with driver.

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 Hi Otmar,This Bernardi electric car conversion is running a Syncromotive controller. With the minimal connections specified by the manual, it's not engaging the main contactor. I've quadruple-checked the wiring & polarity from controller connector pin-outs to destinations, pot range, etc. All seems in order. The controller's built-in pre-charge brings the potential across the main contactor to about 0.5V quickly, then stops without engaging the contactor. To check possible error codes, we need a data cable (USB adapter) that normally ships with the controller, but wasn't included with this car. It's the black USB adapter cable pictured on page 2 (third page) of this manual:http://www.evsource.com/datasheets/Synkromotive/DC%20Controller%20manual.pdfThe document (link) below describes the communication protocol "I think" our 2011 Syncromotive controller uses.http://www.ngcontrols.com/datasheets/synkro/Synkro_Communication_Protocol.pdfI have a Serial/USB adapter in my shop that I use for other stuff, but it appears I also need to buy a a USB / VCP bridge? (p/n: CP2102, vender: Silicon Labs).Am I missing a better solution?
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