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Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Mon Apr 17 08:48:08 PDT 2017

A VW conversion for sale. Upgrade to LiFePO?

Gary G

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Yes, please forward my message to others who might be interested.
Maybe no one will be interested in the whole vehicle, but I sure hope
someone out there would like to have and use things like the controller,
battery charger, motor, vacuum pump, etc.

On Apr 16, 2017, at 5:34 PM, Gary Graunke wrote:

> If you would like, I can forward your message to our OEVA mailing 
> list. You also can join the mailing list and post directly from our 
> website on the resources page, and don't have to be a member to be on the
email list.
> There are also folks in Corvallis on a separate email list. One of 
> them is noted for VW conversions.
> Gary
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> Subject: Contact Request from OEVA website
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> Greetings,
> Many years ago I converted a 1980 VW Vanagon. Now the batteries are 
> worn out and I decided not to replace them.  Does anyone in your 
> association know someone who would like to have this vehicle? I would 
> accept any reasonable offer.  I just want to keep it from going to the
scrap yard.
> Cell: 541-806-3256
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