[Caevlist] 72V Exeltech XP-1100 Inverter Available

Kirk Bailey bailey at peak.org
Tue Apr 25 20:02:32 PDT 2017

Hi All,

    My GEM has headed down the road, but I still have a new in the box
Exeltech XP-1100 pure-sinewave inverter designed to produce 120 VAC from a
72V battery system.  Nominal system voltage is 75.9VDC.  Includes factory
test data and manual.  These are the best inverters on the planet, $500 OBO
(way less than I paid for it!)

    This is your opportunity to create a mobile emergency power supply.
Add a couple of solar panels and you are ready for the "big one"...


Kirk Bailey
bailey at peak.org
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