[Caevlist] Free lawnmower and project parts in Corvallis

Lawrence Winiarski lawrence_winiarski at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 30 21:15:05 PDT 2017

Man...I'll take the forklift charger....

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 Subject: [Caevlist] Free lawnmower and project parts in Corvallis
Hello club,
My friend Sean, who is not on our list, has a few free items: 
A base for a wheelchair jazzy. 
And a small riding lawnmower I started to convert to electric. 
Both are free. I also have an old 36v forklift charger. 
This is all going to scrap unless someone on the list wants it. 

They are located at K&H storage in Corvallis. 
If you are interested, please contact him to arrange pickup at volvop1800 at gmail.com

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