[Caevlist] Battery Comparison Write-up?

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Anyone heard of rebuilding/upgrading the Prius plug-in hybrid for longer range?
My 2012 Plug-in Hybrid Prius is down to 2.7KWH and 8 miles of range...  Was hardly worth charging at 4KHW and 11 miles when new...
Larry Plotkin

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 CALB is still commonly used. I was just informed by CALB that several new cell models will be released soon. Presumably new costs as well. Headway cells can work for smaller projects too. On the other hand, using an existing common electric vehicle (like a wrecked Nissan Leaf) gets the batteries plus all the other needed parts for your conversion at a greatly reduced price as compared to the old school approach (selecting parts from multiple suppliers). Using wrecked electric car components would also require some research to confirm it fits into your project physically and will work without the parts you don't want.My 2 cents...
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For a conversion, have you possibly seen a recent comparison between the various battery options available?  My last research into these is 3 or 4 years old, and I know things have changed, but how much?  I'm guessing CALB is still a good option, but are the new Prius Li batteries available yet? Are Leaf packs the way to go?  Any other chemistries commercially available yet?

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