[Caevlist] Range booster for 2011 & 2012 Leaf's...

Kirk Bailey bailey at peak.org
Sun Apr 22 21:19:49 PDT 2018

Everyone with a Gen1 Leaf is familiar with how bad the range gets if you
turn the climate control system on.  I just installed a heater disable
switch retrofit kit in mine to help with this situation.  Basically, I can
wear extra clothes to avoid needing to use the heater, but living without
running the fan to keep the windows defogged is a lot tougher, and of
course running the fan drags in the multi-kW heater!  My GOM indicates I
take a ~12 mile range hit when I run the heater.

There have been several aftermarket kits that address this problem for the
2011 and 2012 cars, and I decided to go with one from this guy:


See the attached photo for the new lighted switch that I installed, but the
bottom line is that now I can choose to run the fan without the heater load
if I want!  You can configure the kit several different ways, but I set
mine up to have the heater behave normally when the car is turned off
(remote pre-heat works as usual), and when the car is turned on I have the
choice of having the heater be turned off, or behave normally, depending on
whether the toggle switch is depressed or not.

With shipping it ran about $65 (website is not in USD...)


Kirk Bailey
bailey at peak.org
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