[Caevlist] Nissan Leaf Level 1 charger tripping GFI

Bruce Hecht brucehe at peak.org
Sun Dec 16 10:58:25 PST 2018

Hello all,


We recently installed (5)  120v 20amp circuits for 5 Level 1 charging
parking places in our community. They are feed from individual GFI Eaton
breakers in a subpanel.  Our 2013 Nissan Leaf 120V charger  has been
tripping the GFI breaker sometimes on plug in into the car, and sometimes
during a charge cycle.  I tried a neighbors charger and it behaved
similarly. Previously we had GFI receptacles fed by individual 20 amp
breakers and they seemed to hold fine with the charger plugged into them. 


Since this is a bit annoying my plan is to replace the GFI breaker (s) with
a regular 20amp breaker since there is a spare one already in the subpanel.
I could also put a GFI receptacle in place with a standard breaker.


Am I  creating a potential safety issue for the user or the car by
eliminating the GFI protection?  


Appreciate any input.




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