[Caevlist] Juicebox classic 40amp (silver) for sale

Paul Wallace ianaudio at peak.org
Fri Jul 13 09:20:44 PDT 2018

I’ve got an older (2015 vintage) Juicebox classic 40 amp for sale.  This version has no display and no WiFi.  The EVSE cord is 20 feet long and the 14-50 AC input cord is 5 feet long.  The unit is in the silver aluminum box and comes with the aluminum slide in wall bracket, which allows easy removal of the Juicebox for taking it along on the road.


1.  This unit is supposed to be completely sealed for outside mounting, but I’ve had it open a couple of times and I wouldn’t trust the gaskets to keep out rain, so I suggest inside mounting only
2.  These early units have an AC/DC power supply inside which has a tendency to run warm.  I’ve replaced the power supply, but don’t mount the unit in a location with direct sunlight or poor air circulation
3.  It is supposed to supply 40 amps maximum from a standard 50 amp 240VAC 14-50 outlet.  I’ve been using it with a 2017 Volt and a 2015 Spark, both of which work fine, but I haven’t tried pushing it to higher power

I’m asking $250, but I’m open to offers as well.

Paul Wallace

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