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Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Mon Mar 5 21:25:55 PST 2018

While waiting for Nissan to find a leaf that actually has the ProDrive 
they were pushing so hard a couple of months ago, I've been thinking 
about the difference between 40 and 60kWh packs and the effect it might 
have on charging, and because of the spacing of charging stations, I'm 
not sure there is that much difference.  Some of course, but...

First, expected range: my rule of thumb is the real freeway range is 80% 
of the spec.  Of that, you don't really want to go below 20%, so your 
first stop range is 80% of that.  Afterwards, since you're only charging 
to 80%, you are at 60% of your real range to get to the next charging 

Given that, we have:

Leaf/40kWh: 150/120/96/72
   * 120 miles real range
   * 96 miles effective to first stop
   * 72 miles to each stop after
   * Caveat: to the destination you might push it all the way to 96

Leaf/60kWh: 225/180/144/108
   * I'm just guessing the 225 based on 50% bigger battery

Bolt/60kWh: 238/190/152/114
   * just for comparison, since you have to find CCS stations

There are three destinations of interest to me: Portland, Seattle and 
Stanfield (Hermiston), where my parents and sister are.  For "Portland", 
I used a place in Camas I've gone to before, as a maximum for my typical 
running around in Portland when there.

Given that background, this is how it looks like road trips will play 
out; it looks like if the 40kWh Leaf can handle 3 serial fast charges, 
it will work out.  In most cases, a trip to Portland will probably be a 
single charge in Portland somewhere and push it to the wire getting 
home, maybe a brief bump charge in Salem.  That should be a lot easier 
on the battery if it can handle 1 charge in the summer without getting 
too hot...

     Corvallis -> Seattle
	40kWh (150/120/96/72)
	    Salmon Creek (101)
	    Centralia (76)
	    Fife (56)
	    16th Ave parking (28)
               (a charging place near a friend's house in Beacon Hill)

	60kWh (225/180/144/108)
	    Woodland (116)
	    Fife (116)
	    16th Ave parking (28)

     Corvallis -> Camas -> Corvallis
	40kWh (150/120/96/72)
	    Burgerville (91)
	    Camas (22) (no charge)
	    Wilsonville (43 [65])
	    Home (68)

	60kWh (225/180/144/108)
	    Camas (110) (no charge)
	    Camas -> Burgerville/205 (22 [132])
	    Home (91)


	    Burgerville (91)
	    Camas (22) no charge
	    Salem Kia (70 [92])
	    Home (40)

     Corvallis -> Parents
	40kWh (150/120/96/72)
	    Burgerville (91)
	    Hood River (60)
	    Arlington (74)
	    Parents (53)

	60kWh (225/180/144/108)
	    Cascade Locks (128)
	    Arlington (94)
	    Parents (53)

     Corvallis -> Seattle
	60kWh (238/190/152/114)
	    Woodland Walmart (116)
	    Tacoma Mall (110) (???)
	    16th Ave parking (33/143)
               * Might be able to skip the stop in Tacoma

     Corvallis -> Camas -> Corvallis
	60kWh (238/190/152/114)
	    Camas (110) (no charge)
	    Camas -> Tonkin Kia (32 [142])
	    Home (91)

     Corvallis -> Parents
	60kWh (238/190/152/114)
	    Wood Village Walmart (100)
               * have to stop here because there's no CCS
                 until Arlington
	    Arlington (122)
	    Parents (53)

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