[Caevlist] I'm about to be smart metered....

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Tue Mar 6 10:00:46 PST 2018

I have a "smart" meter that is net metering and TOU. It records 9 numbers. 

I haven't noticed a difference when they put it in. 

Ironically,  someone comes out to read it manually every month. I guess there are not enough of us to make it worthwhile to write the software. While I get a special report, I don't get the online reporting that everyone else (PGE is all smart meters) gets. 


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Has anyone had issues with smart meters giving bad data while using EV chargers?  Pacific Power is about to ‘upgrade’ our electronic meters to smart meters.  I figure since the meter is already electronic, but not meshed, I shouldn’t see any shift in my normal power readings.  It appears that all the electronic meters are particularly sensitive to bad power factor.

Paul Wallace

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