[Caevlist] US Utilities Have Finally Realized Electric Cars May Save Them

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Fri Mar 16 12:35:59 PDT 2018

 US Utilities Have Finally Realized Electric Cars May Save Them (qz.com) 199
Posted by msmash on Fri Mar 16, '18 07:00 AM from the if-then dept.
Pity the utility company. For decades, electricity demand just went up
and up, as surely as the sun rose in the east. Power companies could
plan ahead with confidence. No longer. From a report:
This year, the Tennessee Valley Authority scrapped its 20-year
projections through 2035, since it was clear they had drastically
underestimated the extent to which renewable energy would depress demand
for electricity from the grid. But there is a bright spot for utilities:
electric vehicles (EV), which make up 1% of the US car market.

For years, that market barely registered on utilities' radar. As EVs
find growing success, utilities are building charging infrastructure and
arranging generous rebates. Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern
California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, and New Jersey's PSE&G have
partnered with carmakers to offer thousands of dollars in rebates for
BMW, Nissan, and other brands. Now utilities are asking Congress for
help as they attempt to keep tapping into EV demand. A collection of 36
of the nation's largest utilities wrote a letter (PDF) to congressional
leadership on March 13, asking for a lift on the cap on EV tax credits.
The signatories' include California's Pacific Gas & Electric, New York's
Consolidated Edison, the southeast's Duke Energy Company, and others
covering almost every state. At the moment, Americans who buy electric
vehicles receive a $7,500 federal tax credit (along with some state
incentives) for each vehicle.


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