[Caevlist] Newport Trip Report & AV Update

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Sun Mar 18 18:03:25 PDT 2018

With a 125 mile range, I figured I could make it out to Newport and back 
without recharging, and that seemed like a good excuse for some Mo's 
Clam Chowder ;-)

Indeed, I made it out there with 62% left, but stopped at the AV charger 
- I figured I'd make an attempt, let it error out, then call them and 
see if I could get an update.  I didn't even think to use my no-charge 
card as I'm in the habit of "AV - Plugshare and pay", and I've had so 
much trouble getting it setup (though, ironically, AV was the one it 
worked with).  So, of course, the AV charger happily started charging. 
I stopped it after 1kWh as part of the point of the trip was to see how 
it went *without* charging, making it a very expensive kWh, but not too 
much to see that they seem to have fixed the problem with the 2018 Leafs.

Indeed, I made it back home with 20ish% (Leaf Spy says 32%, but it also 
says my odometer is 419 when the car says 675?!?).

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