[Caevlist] Kia dealer charging in Salem

Stephen Hodges stephen at bosonhub.com
Wed Mar 21 16:44:36 PDT 2018

Hey EV Fam!

I am still new to the EV world and I am learning the ropes. I want to make
a trip to Salem to take my Spark EV autocrossing at the Salem fairgrounds
and I will need to quickcharge at least once. Plugshare shows a
highly-rated charger not far from the freeway. It has both Nissan and
CCS/SAE plugs for DCFC it shows.

Have any of you used this charger before? What have been your experiences?
What should I expect going there on Sunday?

If anyone wants to come see me race, check out the event

Thanks, all!

Stephen Hodges
Managing Director

Mobile: 503-490-2384

*http://bosonhub.com <http://bosonhub.com>*
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