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Alan, it looks like you're not alone in the "Rapidgate" conspiracy: https://youtu.be/QycmLQriePU
I seem to recall reading in an obscure part of the Leaf owners manual, something about cooling the battery pack by putting bags of ice in the footwells... just kidding! 

In a custom conversion, a problem like this might have been anticipated and more easily corrected.


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Alan, I think you need to get one of these: 

The $30K+ price tag and really bad efficiency would be partly offset by the joy of dusting off tailgaters! 
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I took the Leaf up to my dentist in Cedar Hills this morning, and drove 
70 most of the freeway from the Corvallis exit to Wilsonville. I did 
use the heat some, though when I looked at the energy monitor, it was 
only using a couple hundred watts... 

Whereas at 65, I made it to the Baldock rest area just south of 
Wilsonville before hitting 50%, I only made it to the JB Instant Lawn 
sign, which is about 8 miles earlier. I was down to 45% when I went 
past Baldock. The range guesser said 75 miles and I'd gone 58ish at the 
50% point, so it thought I had 130 miles range total, but doubling 58 is 
only about 115, so I call it a 10% hit to do 70 over 65. 

Although the distance was shorter, the battery was at 17% when I got 
back to Wilsonville, where I only charged to 70% and the batteries still 
got up to 109F in the half hour charge, and were still there when I got 
into town around 2:30pm. 

When I left work at 9:15pm (after a long fileserver troubleshooting 
session with Taiwan), they had cooled to around 80F. The car said 9% at 
that point; LeafSpy said 17.5%. 


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