[Cvo-gaymen] Re: Effective immediatley Linn/Benton GBTQQI Men's Group ***NO LONGER MEETING***

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Sun Feb 12 21:13:53 PST 2006

Linn/Benton GBTQQI Men's Group wrote:

> However, we have decided to continue providing support to our Local
> Gay Community by providing communication through Group email address
> list broadcasting.

The cvo-gaymen at rdrop.com list is still in operation from last summer, if
you want to move to that.  It could be moderated or not as the group wishes.

> We recognize that the Men's Group needs seam to be more
> around "social events" such as the two we have every year at Christmas
> (Ken & Eric Gouveia's annual Christmas Party) and New Years (Gary
> Enschede's annual New Years Brunch) and the feeling is three or four
> additional annual parties would be great. 

As I was just about to post this anyhow, now seems appropriate: I'm in
the process of buying a house just off 35th, across from the school (in
the little subdivision behind the hedges).  It has a proper theater
space, and I intend to start monthly gay movie nights in April.  Also,
I'm planning a housewarming/New Year's party
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_fools) on Saturday, April 1.  I've
wanted to do an April 1 "New Year's" party since I found out how April
Fool's Day came about (or at least one possibility), so now's my chance
to start an annual event ;-)
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