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Alan Kirk alankirk at comcast.net
Thu Apr 26 17:13:32 PDT 2012

Alan -

Thanks for taking the step to set up a listserv.  I think it could come 
in very handy going forward for us to keep in touch as a group.  I have 
signed up.

I agree with you that the Leaf is ideal as a local (i.e., mid-valley) 
travel car, and it's getting more feasible every month for regional 
(western Oregon) travel.  I routinely drive as far as Wilsonville (~65 
mi.), except in cold weather.

I also think that sales are slow because the initial cost is a big 
hurdle for people, despite the tax credits and low cost per mile.  And, 
like you say, people wish for longer range.  I keep thinking if only I 
could go 100 mi. at highway speeds, and if only I had a 6kw charger 
onboard, then the Leaf would *really* be a winner.

I'm game to explore a Leaf owners club in the Corvallis area (or even 
Corvallis-Eugene-Albany-Salem area).

  - Alan Kirk

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> On 4/26/12 9:18 AM, WALTER J EAGER wrote:
>> Now, I have a favor to ask of you.  Give me your perspective on this and
>> tell me if you would be likely to participate in the activities of a
>> local Leaf OwnersâEUR^(TM) Club.
> I think there are two factors to address:
> 1.  Breaking the mindset that both cars need to be long range cars: my
> previous EV is down to a 10ish mile range and still works well for my
> friends who have it now, here in Corvallis.  A Leaf et al is a
> no-brainer for local driving.  But I think a lot of people get a cheap
> used car for that function, so price is the issue.
> 2.  Convincing people that the environment and energy independence is
> worth a little bit of inconvenience: for long range driving, most people
> are going to wait until the infrastructure is in place, and even then,
> until we get affordable 200-300 mile ranges, even fast charging adds
> 50-100% to the travel time.  If you plan it in, it's really not that big
> of a deal, but you do need to take it into account, and it's a big
> psychological barrier for people.
> I think this year will be a pause while people wait to see how the Leaf
> does and wait for the infrastructure to get built out.  In the meantime,
> we need to get organized, be visible and keep up the pressure to *get*
> the infrastructure built out.  Then next year, go on the offensive.
> Cc'ing people gets unwieldy quickly, so I've setup a mail list:
> cvo-leaf at rdrop.com.  People who want to continue this discussion can
> sign up athttp://www.rdrop.com/mailman/listinfo/cvo-leaf

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