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Walt -

Thanks for putting this out there to gauge the interest in this.  I'll 
read your letter with interest.  Although I don't have a lot of time to 
devote to it, YES, I would be interested in the possibility of a 
Corvallis (or Benton Co. or mid-valley?) Leaf Owners Club.  I don't have 
any special expertise I could contribute, but I think it's worth it to 
compare notes and experiences we have as well as share tips we come 
across.  (It might also be an incentive to wash my car more often!)

I wonder if it would be worth it at some point to link with the 
Corvallis EV Club as well?  I'm on their listserv, but I have not 
participated in any of their activities, except to go to the first 
showing of 'Revenge' at the Dark Side.

Another Leaf owner and I were in the DaVinci Days parade last year, with 
our cars on display for people to see and talk about after the parade.  
That seemed like a good way to acquaint people with the Leaf.  Perhaps 
there are other venues like this that are worth exploring as a group 
(such as the annual Sustainability Fair).

Keep me posted on what kind of response you get from the others on your 
list.  I am also passing on your message to other local Leaf owners who 
I think might be interested.

Best wishes,

  - Alan Kirk

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*Subject:* Promoting the Leaf

> Dear Leaf Owner,
> When you and I purchased our Leafs we took the largest, single step 
> that anyone could take toward eliminating the use of fossil fuels and 
> its adverse effects on ourselves and all of humankind.If we use 
> predominantly hydro-, wind- or solar-generated electricity to charge 
> our Leafs then our first step was a giant one.See the attached, 
> "Healthy/Sustainable Living -- The Why and How in a Nutshell" for 
> Marielu's and my perspective on how important purchasing the Leaf or a 
> comparable EV (there isn't one yet) is.
> That is the good news!Not so good is the fact that Leaf purchases have 
> dropped to a trickle, despite the recent rise in fossil fuel prices 
> and a growing recharge infrastructure that essentially extends the 
> range of all-electric vehicles.It appears to me that virtually no Leaf 
> has ever been "sold" (by a dealer).Instead, they have all been 
> "bought" by visionary early adopters, responsible consumers like you 
> and me.It appears that with the public demand for fossil-fueled 
> vehicles persisting there is little or no motivation for auto dealers 
> to actively promote electric vehicle sales, even if they knew 
> how.Damning the Leaf with faint praise, like the advertisement, "Folks 
> this is a real car" simply will not do it.
> So our challenge, as responsible consumers, is to find a way to bridge 
> the communications gap between the Leaf's early adopters and those 
> consumers who still drive fossil-fueled vehicles, exclusively.
> It is indeed impressive how many times solutions to critical social 
> problems have come from common sense folks, like we Leaf owners have 
> proven ourselves to be.So let's start the process by getting together 
> for a brainstorming session on how to market the Leaf.A local Leaf 
> Owners Club would provide us with personal benefits, as well.For 
> example I am an energy engineer who has installed three solar-electric 
> generating (photovoltaic) systems on our home.  I would be pleased to 
> guide those Leaf owners, who want to install such systems for charging 
> their Leafs, without the use of a contractor.There probably is a Leaf 
> owner with automotive and electrical experience who would be willing 
> to study the Leaf's Maintenance and Repair Manual.  Our club could 
> purchase it for use by our specialist, as well as by all club members. 
> Our specialist could then advise other members who either want to know 
> more about their Leafs, maintain their own Leafs, or determine 
> whether the dealer's shop is providing high quality work and that it 
> is both necessary and properly priced.
> Our Leaf Owners Club could also provide enjoyment through social 
> contact with others who share our values and interests.Rallies are 
> popular with the members of other car clubs and might be for 
> ours.There are those special little restaurant discoveries, such as 
> the Pink House Café in Independence, that could serve as rally targets.
> Now, I have a favor to ask of you.Give me your perspective on this and 
> tell me if you would be likely to participate in the activities of a 
> local Leaf Owners' Club.
> With great respect for all you have done to protect humankind,
> Walt Eager

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