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WALTER J EAGER eagerwj at centurylink.net
Wed Sep 26 17:39:02 PDT 2012

Dear Leaf Owners, 


Alan Kirk provided   Leaf performance demonstrations for our September 2nd   Sustainable Living Home and Garden Tour.   This was very much appreciated by those who attended and by us.   Harold Sweeney and family drove their Leaf down from Silverton and needed a charge to provide a safe margin for the return trip.   So we used his for exhibiting Leaf features while it was being charged.   


The G-T, Statesman Journal and KVAL publicity continues to generate requests for our tour.   This provides a great opportunity to generate interest in electric vehicle ownership.   So we have scheduled another tour for this coming Sunday, starting at 1:30 p.m.   If you can help us with the EV demonstration portion we would greatly appreciate this help.   For those who have already taken the tour or are engaged earlier in the afternoon, we suggest that you come at about 3:00 p.m. when EV demonstrations will begin.   We do not have a very large e-mail list of Leaf owners, so please pass this invitation along to all Leaf and other EV owners whom you know.   We believe that all who have not taken our Sustainable Living Tour will benefit from coming at 1:30 p.m.  Please feel free to bring along family and friends. 


Jonathon Carroll recently drove his Leaf to Seattle and has agreed to tell us about his interesting experiences during this trip.   It included the use of Washington’s quick charger network along I-5 from its north to south borders.   I am sure that Alan Batie and others will be willing to describe their interesting trips and what is in store for us, now that quick charge stations are or soon will be completed on I-5 in Oregon from border to border and at some coast destinations.   Probably all of us have interesting experiences that will amuse and inform.   We may also have questions about what to expect from our vehicles.   


For example I spent only $18.00 for the one-year maintenance/inspection of our Leaf.   It had been driven 5370 miles at that time.   I had been given a $150.00 estimate for this service.   Based on general automotive engineering experience, I decided to do a little research.   As a result I challenged the need for some of the proposed work and quickly got agreement from the service manager to perform only that work which was needed.   This outcome saved me money but more importantly I will used it to enhance the reputation of the Leaf as a low, life-cycle cost alternative to climate and health-destroying, fossil-fueled vehicles. 


So it appears that now is the time to schedule a get together for Leaf owners and their families.   If you would like, w e can do this while enjoying dessert at our home some evening.    Marielu will craft the dessert from her own organically-grown fruits and organically-grown, hard red wheat from a farm that is within 25 miles of our home.  Let us know in advance if you have any food allergies. 


If this sounds good to you, e-mail us a list of the best evenings and arrival times for you.   We will use this information to select a date and time that is optimum. 


Thank you for all that you are doing to make our world safer and better. 


Walt Eager 












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