[FLIA] checking in and out

Damien damien at rdrop.com
Mon Jan 12 08:21:33 PST 2009

Hi all,

It appears the FLIA email list is up and running fine now, and I feel I've 
done enough follow up on the small commitments I made last week regarding 
CSA's and such.  I'd subscribed myself to FLIA at rdrop.com, but in light of 
Shaggy/Phoenix and Geo's snarky responses to my post about how Peppermint 
and I choose to move in the world yesterday, I feel my energy would be 
best sent in other directions.

Otter has all he needs to maintain flia at rdrop.com and knows how to get in 
touch if he needs help.  We've co-maintained Feydirt for years.

I hope everyone with positive energy to add to FLIA continues to do so, 
and that your projects thrive.  I'll not be on the FLIA list or attending 
meetings, but am always available to help my friends if I can.  I 
apologize if my fly-by participation this past week has been a downer for 
anyone else.


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