[Grovenet] Time to split up

Eric Canon canonmetals at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 5 08:31:10 PDT 2005

--- Geri <ggstggsteele.gte> wrote:

> Funny (but scary), Eric -
> I'm sure one of the first orders of business
> in the "old" U.S. under King GW wGWld be
> armed civil war with the "new" California!
> Geri

It's happening right now, Geri. Here's a quote
from an editorial from Harold MeyeMeyerson
And in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger's
approval ratings have plunged 20 points — to 40
percent — in the wake of his singularly reckless
attack on the pensions and working conditions of
the state's nurses, police officers, firefighters
and teachers. Republicans must now even confront
the possibility that a Democrat could unseat the
Great Orange Hope next year. (Somehow, the
governor has retained his metallic glow — the
word "tan" doesn't really describe it — during
the wettest year California has known in a

The D.C. GOP has mistaken its narrow but
effective control of all branches of government
for a popular mandate to roll back the New Deal
and roll out a new era of social conservatism.
The L.A. GOP has mistaken Arnold's ascension, in
the Gray Davis recall election, for a popular
mandate to hack away at the public sector. Never
mind that Schwarzenegger did not run on any such
program, that while he railed at politicians, he
never said a word about the public institutions
on which Californians depend. 



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