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RE: emphasis on buying from local sources.

Good points, Dave, and reading your post I found myself wondering if there
is enough interest in forming a cooperative that emphacizes buying local and

I've heard rumors of failed co-ops in FG before. Maybe some 'netter can
inform us.

I know someone recently moved to FG that has a track record of success with
this kind of thing. If there is some interest, I might try harder to get him
to work at it here. Currently he is still supporting food front in NW.

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It is interesting the emphasis on buying from
local sources for food. When you visit the part
of the site where you are offered the chance to
make future changes in your behavior and respond
in a way that would lesson our impact on the
planet, buying from local farmers helps a lot.
That's a goal each of us can achieve, too.

Safeway buys almost nothing locally. Hanks, on
the other hand, often features local produce.

There are also many local buying options from
farms that aim their planting at customers who
sign up for the year. As crops come in, customers
pickup their part of the crop on a weekly basis
for a prearranged price.

As for the difference between living in the USA
and the third world, we live high on the hog
here. Our country has no idea how rich we are in
relation to the rest of the world. Things we
think of as necessities are not even available in
other parts of the world. Thus, they have an
inherent advantage in terms of their impact on
the planet.

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