[Grovenet] Sad Event In Town Today

alan aka LeRoy OleHossTreeFarm at webtv.net
Fri Jun 10 08:59:00 PDT 2005

I do not recall reading anything about FG holding a Town Hall Meeting.
However, this would be the place to bring up the subject of speeding.
Being an ole city cop I realize that with limited man power it is damn
had to be in more than one place at a time.  In my ole home town we held
a town hall meeting on the friday before the 2nd tuesday of each month
when the city council met.  This way the council had a chance to explore
the situations discussed at the town hall meeting.  
The adage "THE SQUEAKIEST WHEEL GETS THE  GREASE"  comes to mind here,
so an OLeHoss says start squeaking FG!


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Geri wrote: I'm always amazed folks will speed right by the police
station on Pacific -- I agree, Steve, they could be kept fairly busy
nabbing them.

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