[Grovenet] The Other Shoe Falls...

Ron D'Eau Claire ron at cobi.biz
Sun Jun 12 19:25:15 PDT 2005

Well, maybe just leaving would be okay over time. In the meantime, it's
likely another few tens or hundreds of thousands would die as the next
Saddam- wannabe's juggle to see who takes power. And, of course, that
interrupts the oil supply, which is pretty critical world-wide. 
Like I said a couple of years ago, when we blasted into Baghdad and no one
got nuked or gassed, we needed to go hat-in-hand to the UN with an apology
and ask for help cleaning up the mess.
But the President, unlike his country, does not make mistakes or ask anyone
for help. 
Still, Ed, your suggestion is one way to stop the destruction of our
military at one level. But what would another "Vietnam" do to the to the
military in other ways? 
Ron D'Eau Claire 

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Well, we could try settling the current debacle as a start.  And don't tell
me they have tried.
Just getting out couldn't be much worse and the wounds would start to heal.
I know.  I'm dreaming!


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