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> I think it is kooky ... to accuse the president of knowingly misleading the country

Why?  We have testimony that there were a variety of potential reasons to justify the invasion of Iraq, and the only one that could
hold a coalition together was the WMD angle, so they took it.  They didn't react to the WMD issue, they magnified it and used it.
And it was false.  Bush and company were doing an "ends justifies the means" action.

After the WMD were demonstrated to be false, the President and company made a "thought-speak" pronouncement that WMD's were not the
reason for the Iraq invasion, that spreading democracy was the reason.  And the well trained followers of Big Brother didn't miss a
bleat.  The sheep changed direction and chanted that WMD's were not the reason, spreading democracy was the reason.

Bush and company have been misleading the country.

>  I know that some are hungry for another Watergate but it's sad that without one they have no constructive ideas except for
personal attacks and intimidation.
> Krystof

I rather feel that way about American foreign policy.  It is sad that much of it is based upon military and political attacks and


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