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Krystof Zmudzinski krystof_zmudzinski at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 13:28:24 PDT 2005

I've mentioned polls.  IBD has a new poll, which 
paints much better picture that the WashPosh poll 
from the other day:

Americans Split On Military Effort In Iraq, But Most 
Acknowledge Positive Outcomes


Americans may not see eye-to-eye with President Bush 
on all issues, but a majority believe that the U.S. 
military action in Iraq will lead to a more 
democratic — and by extension freer — Middle East, 
according to the latest IBD/TIPP Poll.

Conducted June 6-10 among 913 adults, the poll found 
nearly two of every three (60%) think America's foray 
into Iraq has helped sow the seeds of democracy in 
the Middle East. Among Republicans, that number jumps 
up to 87%. Even large numbers of Democrats (44%) and 
independents (53%) agree with that sentiment. 

(The rest of the story is here: 

IBD has also two interesting editorials.  One argues
against closing Gitmo (http://tinyurl.com/6h2ju) and 
from Rumsfeld's recent comments it seems it will stay
that way.  The other editorial, "Coalition Of The 
Whining" (http://tinyurl.com/da3xa) explains how
the old media wages their war against the reality:

Sen. Joe Biden demonstrates why America has 
traditionally trusted Republicans more than Democrats 
on national security with his glass-half-empty 
analysis of the liberation of Iraq.

Biden did not realize how right he was when, speaking 
on Sunday's edition of NBC's "Meet The Press," he 
opined regarding the war in Iraq. "I think there's 
this incredible gap between the reality on the ground 
and the rhetoric back here." 

But the gap is between our success and the rhetoric 
of Biden and fellow Democrats. The reality on the 
ground is that 50 million people in two of the 
world's newest democracies, Iraq and Afghanistan, no 
longer suffer the oppression, torture and mass graves 
of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, and under George 
Bush, we're unlikely to give them back. 

There's something disingenuous about senior Democrats 
like Biden giving advice on winning in Iraq when had 
either Al Gore or John Kerry been elected president 
we would either have never gone in or quickly gotten 

The reality on the ground is that Republican 
administrations tend to win wars and keep the peace 
while Democratic administrations mismanage both war 
and peace. Most of our past failures and present 
predicaments can be pinned on Democratic presidents.


I know that there are people on this forum who support
our president and the military.  Some of you have 
contacted me privately to say as much.  So I have 
this message for you: put that Bush sticker on your
car as the sign of that support.  We need to unite
as well or better as the left does.  We have to show
our support so the hesitant among us can persevere.

Remember the stories coming from the left are meant
to break our spirit.  They are meant to divide us,
to question are resolution and our wisdom.

Sometimes the government is the enemy, this time, as
during Vietnam, the enemy lives within.


--- Krystof Zmudzinski <krystof_zmudzinski at yahoo.com>

> Many media outlets, especially WashPost in its quest
> to return to the glory days of the Watergate and NYT
> in its quest to have its own Watergate, wage a war 
> against Bush and the war in Iraq.
> One weapon that these liberal media use is the
> polls.
> They conduct polls, select appropriate sample to get
> the results they need and they publish the results
> as the first-page-above-the-fold story.  The sample
> is buried at the end of the story or only accessible
> online.
> Then, their minions who have already cost us one war
> distribute those stories hoping to turn the public
> opinion against Bush and the war in Iraq thus making
> those polls true eventually.  This has already
> happened once.  The Vietnam war, which was a just
> and necessary war was lost that way.  Of course,
> Nixon didn't help either.
> Now, all kinds of peace activists, protesters, and
> conscientious objectors (http://tinyurl.com/dhrpz) 
> of the Vietnam era are back in force trying to
> damage 
> this president and the military so they can't finish
> what he rightfully started to defend this country.  
> Their hatred blinds them to the facts like all those
> Vietnamese and Cambodians slaughtered after the US 
> withdrew from Vietnam.  The same thing will happen 
> again if we quit Iraq without finishing the job.  If
> civilians killed in Iraq by terrorists flooding from
> Syria and Iran alarm you, prepare for 100s of 
> thousands more.
> But the old media has met their match this time.
> There are new media that counter the lies and 
> misrepresentations of the left.  So I'm hopeful
> that this time the nation will persevere and we
> will emerge victorious and more secure because of
> it.
> Krystof
> http://polishimmigrant.blogspot.com/
> If there must be trouble let it be in my day, 
> that my child may have peace.  --Thomas Paine
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If there must be trouble let it be in my day, 
that my child may have peace.  --Thomas Paine

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