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Robert V knows a lot about wood so maybe he knows the 'real' answer, but my 
guess would be splinters and mess as more and more homeowners and back yard 
carpenters wanted to do thier own work.  Or it could be money.  If you could 
sell a planed 2 X 4 for the same price as sawn, but use the shavings to also 
make a particle board and sell it too, then you get more $ for the same 
weight in wood. Maybe both.


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> Bob wrote:
> ...he feels that the left-leaning wingnuts are out to get him...."
> ------------
> There it is in a "nut" shell, Bob. Who in their right mind would try to
> reason with a 'wing-nut'?
> Sometimes I think the only thing Grovenet is missing is Nurse Ratchett...
> Speaking of sanity, of course everyone knows that a 2x4 is actually 2 
> inches
> by 4 inches. Only some time in the past we started demanding that it be
> "finished" in a planer before we can use it to build a wall. Planing takes
> another 1/4 inch off of each face of the board before we get our hands on
> it.
> Now, why do we want that? What was wrong with all those sawn 2x4's we used
> for so many years?
> Ron D'Eau Claire
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