[Grovenet] Rec's on wooden fences, wood refinishing?

Ed Davie edavie at verizon.net
Fri Jun 17 12:14:30 PDT 2005

I've heard really good things for Homer's Fences and I've seen some really good work at a friend's.  503-359-3576
Not cheap though.
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  We need to replace our six foot wooden fence (wood only, no poisonous 
  pressure treated stuff, please).   Anyone know of a good person to go to for that?

  Also, I have some cabinets that were (at some point) stained and varnished 
  and now really look like heck.   They are in a high use area so I don't want to 
  paint them because paint won't stand up to the wear.   Anyone know of someone 
  who refinishes wood?   (I promise not to needle them unless they ask me to.)

  Thanks for the info.

  Jane B-P
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