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On Friday, June 17, 2005, at 03:50  PM, Monjay, Benjamin wrote:

> Hate to ruin your fun
> http://www.snopes.com/photos/sunset.asp
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> Subject: [Grovenet] photograph from outer space
> This is truly fascinating
> After you look at the picture -- scroll to the bottom to read the  
> description and then back to the picture. Really beautiful sight for  
> anyone to see.

The picture is beautiful.  Whether it is made from one photograph or a  
dozen photos stitched together, it is still awesome.  I hope that the  
source photos are real space photos, because the view of the Atlantic  
Ocean is something I didn't expect.

I was looking to see if there were visible indications of the Gulf  
Stream that we discussed earlier this month.  I could not find any, but  
found something that was unexpected.  I understand that the further you  
are above water's surface the deeper into the water you can see.  The  
variations in color and wave looking features are too large to be  
disturbances on the surface.  If they were in an actual photographs  
from space, they would represent a view of the bottom of the Atlantic  
Ocean with the Atlantic spreading zone displayed for all to see.

Are they in a real photo from space?  Unfortunately, it is not likely.

A real photo from space of the Bahamas is great, but it doesn't show  
the same type of detail.


While looking I found this.  Ron, you should appreciate it.
The tow car for testing the "flying bathtub".


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