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Ron D'Eau Claire ron at cobi.biz
Sat Jun 18 10:01:33 PDT 2005

As TVs Grow, So Do Electric Bills
June 16, 2005

This article was written by Mark Clayton. 

Not long ago, Andrew Fanara was shopping with his wife for a new big-screen
television. Everything was going fine, until the sales clerk discovered
Fanara was an energy watchdog for the federal government. Pulling Fanara
aside, the clerk confessed: His own new 61-inch TV gulped electricity the
way a big SUV guzzles gasoline... 

Already, televisions account for about 4 percent of annual residential
electricity use in the United States - enough to power all of the homes in
the state of New York for a year, according to a new NRDC study. ...

Today there are about 266 million TVs, and that number is growing by 3.5
million per year. By 2009, ...TV energy use will reach about 70 billion
kilowatt-hours per year nationwide - about 50 percent higher than at

...Also, Americans are watching some 16 percent more TV than in the 1980s -
if DVD and video-game viewing is included, according to the Nielsen Group. 

Full story at: http://tinyurl.com/77ccu


I wonder if before long Iraq won't the only place where US technology can't
keep the lights on at night. 

Ron D'Eau Claire  

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