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Having worked extensively in family law for 35 years this is clearly a
bleeding issue.

Family law has turned 180 degrees in the last 35 years and the consequences
of those changes haven't yet been logically recognized.

35 years ago, an unwed woman had some comfort in knowing that the child was
'hers'.   Then the law changed mostly at the behest of the Supreme court so
that now marriage is largely irrelevant in family law, and paternity, and
legal rights and obligations of parents and child are mostly the same
without regard to whether the parents bought a marriage license or not.

IN many instances the driving force of the change has been welfare
departments casting out a net to extract child support to reemburse
themselves for ADC payments but the consequences have been wider than that.

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Pretty graph, but I can hardly wait for David to explain how it doesn't 
"correlate" to anything!! Ron, I'm surprised you let your usual "nose 
for nothingness" let you down on this one.

bob "lots of pretty pictures often prove nothing" browning

Ron D'Eau Claire wrote:

>Research on a project has carried me into another odd and interesting
>of life in these United States. This time about the number of pregnancies
>occurring out of wedlock, and a growing backlash among the fathers
>their rights in regards to the pregnancy contesting whether the woman alone
>has the right to decide if it should be carried to full term and, if so,
>what responsibility the father has toward the child if he doesn't agree. 
>In regards to the problem in general, I found the attached chart alarming
>and interesting.
>Ron D'Eau Claire

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