[Grovenet] Dust in the Air

David Morelli jo.david at verizon.net
Tue Jun 21 00:33:06 PDT 2005

On Monday, June 20, 2005, at 07:10  PM, Geri wrote:

> David, thought you might like this quote from
> Thomas Jefferson, where he mentions "light:"
>        1826 Jun. 24. "The general spread of the light of science has 
> already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of 
> mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored 
> few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace 
> of God."
>         (to Roger Weightman, Writings 1517)
> Geri

I like it, but it makes me think.

Different branches of science have different effects.  Science and the 
scientific method give light to some of the fears and myths that 
support rule by the elite.  Other branches of science provide the tools 
so that the elite can rule.


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