[Grovenet] Unwanted Fatherhood...

Ron D'Eau Claire ron at cobi.biz
Tue Jun 21 08:56:03 PDT 2005

Bob Browning wrote:
"...the correlation of the rise in out-of-wedlock births to the rise in

If you look at recent history, the Republican Party was pretty dominant in
the 1950's with a very popular Republican President in office, yet the graph
shows a very small relative percentage of unmarried mothers. 

These outbursts of yours are curious, Bob. Is there some fundamental liberal
concept that is being attacked here? I was not aware of doing that. 

Obviously, there's millions of correlations possible, though. Some
correlations become interesting because they could identify cause-and-effect

That's why we look for correlations, as I'm sure you know already...

But a correlation does not a rule make. Still, when we say to a woman,
"We'll pay you if you have a baby..." I think that resonates with some
Americans as a very likely motive for becoming pregnant. 

Proof? Of course not. But it's certainly a much more plausible relationship
than Elephant calves. 

Ron D'Eau Claire

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