[Grovenet] G-Net Q?

Krystof Zmudzinski krystof_zmudzinski at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 21 14:26:01 PDT 2005

Maybe because the author puts his email address in
the To: field together with the list's address.

It's the only way to get the copy of your own 
message.  That and putting your e-mail address in
the CC or, BCC field.

Just a guess...


--- Geri <ggsteele at gte.net> wrote:

> Ed Davie & I are wondering why, when one replies
> to posts on GroveNet, sometimes the "To:" line
> shows only "Forest Grove local interests list," but
> with some people, the "To:" line shows their
> individual email address plus the "Forest Grove
> local interests list."
> Who knows the answer to this question?  The
> prize for the correct answer to be determined .....
> Of course, I won't be able to give out that prize,
> since I won't know if the answer's correct or not.
> :-)
> Geri
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