[Grovenet] How Long Did You Say?

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I guess even the Democrats make mistakes but at least they are able to admit it.
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  So far, the only election fraud in 2004 being 
  prosecuted doesn't involve Rs:

  Somebody going to jail in WI:

  Ongoing trial in St. Louis:

  Somebody in Ohio of all places pleads guilty to
  voter registration fraud:

  5 Ds charged in IL for buying votes:


  --- Steven <NoSpam03 at comcast.net> wrote:

  > Good old conspiracy. But of course the Dems would
  > never do that. It is only
  > Bush that would do this, the one, the only. He has
  > the power to cover it up
  > so well. It's amazing that he even thought of it.
  > Not a single politician
  > has ever even thought of this. Wow, gotta give the
  > guy credit where credit
  > is due.
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  > > Ya lost me. Are you saying "Bush and Company"
  > managed to rig the vote?
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