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Martyrs can become something in death that they never were in life.  
Like Obi Wan said, "you may strike me down, but I will become more 
powerful than you can ever imagine"


On Thursday, June 23, 2005, at 12:12  AM, Steven wrote:

> For instance. Imagine three young folks going to Mississippi to help 
> forward
> the cause of civil rights. They achieved success. Or a man who is 
> opposed to
> it violently, causes it to come the forefront.
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>> Watched the flik last night. I found it interesting that they
>> mentioned that
>> Darth was going to fulfill the prophecy of the Jedi but for some 
>> reason
>> things went wrong. But if you remeber back to his last scene with 
>> Luke,
>> Darth did fulfill the prophecy. Only it was different than expected.
>> So I wonder how many times things we want or try to achieve end up 
>> coming
>> our way, only via a different path.
>> For instance, if Ron were to wish he could sell a house this month 
>> only to
>> find out he had to sell his own for some bad reason.
>> Run this up to the country or world scale...
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