[Grovenet] The Law Says I MUST Burn the American Flag

Ron D'Eau Claire ron at cobi.biz
Thu Jun 23 08:36:26 PDT 2005

Thanks for your 2 cents, Thad.

Of course retiring a flag by burning it is a dignified ceremony.

And I can understand that some would find that burning a flag in protest is
an outrage, although I also know many veterans who have fought and bled for
our nation who would disagree. They bled to protect that right of

I find it an outrage that some in Washington have forgotten what the flag
stands for. They believe in Lady Liberty, but apparently a Lady Liberty who
wears a gag. 

I've never been inclined to burn a flag in protest. That doesn't matter. It
might offend, but it causes no physical harm.  

Ron D'Eau Claire 

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The Boy Scouts and the VFW accept flags for disposal (by burning). Our troop

usually has enough flags for a "retirement ceremony" about once a year. It
is a 
somber and dignified occasion, I will assure you.

The Boy Scout Book on Flag Etiquette says the proper way to dispose of an
flag is to "burn it thoroughly and completely in modest but blazing fire.
should be done in a simple matter with dignity and respect. Be sure the flag
reduced to ashes, unrecognizable as a former flag."

Both the Boy Scout and Cub Scout programs teach proper handling and display
the American flag.

Just my $.02,
Thad MacMillan

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