[Grovenet] Carbon Quotas in Support of Free Enterprise

Ron D'Eau Claire ron at cobi.biz
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That's what Kyoto provides for on an international scale. Nations can trade
carbon credits depending upon their needs. That allows nations not using
their full quota of carbon-based fuels to gain further incentive to keep use
low by selling the credits, and it penalizes those over-using them with the
high cost of open-market carbon quotas purchased from other nations,
encouraging them to cut back! 

Free enterprise Capitalism at work! Who but a Communist or Socialist would
be against that?

Ron D'Eau Claire 

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This reminds me of the way I used to trade food
ration cards when I was still in Poland.  There were
ration cards for almost everything: meat, sugar,
even vodka.  I didn't (and still don't) use sugar
so I traded those for vodka or meat cards.  
Sometimes, I would trade the cards for money or 
even use them as gifts.

Ah, the good old times in workers' paradise....


--- Steven <NoSpam03 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Here's one way to stop flag burning:
> London (CNSNews.com) -- British residents could face
> a form of energy
> rationing within the next decade under proposals
> currently being studied to
> reduce the U.K.'s carbon dioxide emissions to comply
> with the Kyoto
> Protocol.
> Under the proposals, known as Domestic Tradable
> Quotas (DTQs), every
> individual would be issued a "carbon card," from
> which points would be
> deducted every time the cardholder purchased fossil
> fuel, for example, by
> filling up a car or taking a flight.
> Over time, the number of points allotted to each
> card would decline.
> High-energy users would be able to purchase points
> from low-energy users,
> with the end result being a trading market in carbon
> similar to the one
> already in place in the U.K. for industrial users.
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