[Grovenet] It's a wet Monday; again

Marion Hurt vzd1s0ul at verizon.net
Mon Jun 27 18:57:40 PDT 2005

Let me tell you, driving home from Forest Grove tonight I thought it was
more like late winter rains that make you impatient for the sun again!

Marion Hurt, Librarian
Gaston Community Library
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PO Box 129
Gaston, OR 97119
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Good morning to you, too, Alan ~

Feels almost like Fall this morning!


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Aside from waking up from hearing on the radio things like, rain showers
off on all day, a shooting again by law enforcement in southern, Oregon
during a vehicular chase,Grizzle Bears mauling 2 persons in Alaska while
the slept in their tent. 
And a sixty thousand dollar proposal by Oregon State Police to fund a
web site to post pictures and information about ALL Sex Offenders
predatory or otherwise until they die.

~alan~ need a lot more coffee ~ Hoss


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