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I don't remember bush ever calling for such, much less regularly. 

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"In his speeches, George Bush regularly calls for a return to or the
reinforcement of traditional, even eternal, family values and emphasizes
the importance of personal 'accountability' for our children as well as
ourselves. ('The culture of America is changing from one that has said,
if it feels good, do it, and if you've got a problem, blame somebody
else, to a new culture in which each of us understands we are
responsible for the decisions we make in life.') And yet when it comes
to acts that are clearly wrong in this world -- aggressive war, the
looting of resources, torture, personal gain at the expense of others,
lying, and manipulation among other matters -- Bush and his top
officials never hesitate to redefine reality to suit their needs. When
faced with matters long defined in everyday life in terms of right and
wrong, they simply reach for their dictionaries."


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